The Worst Darcy

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Brodie Bishop is the worst.

Vivian Trent is desperate. Her family doesn't approve of her life as a single mom and the small town of Austen still won't accept her as one of their own four years later. Playing Elizabeth Bennet at the annual Jane Austen Festival is the perfect way to win over the locals and prove that she's thriving. But when Austen's favourite festival hero is replaced by his tattooed, metalhead brother, how is she supposed to achieve perfection with such a bad boy playing Mr. Darcy? He's never read the book. He's brash and unpolished. He's... blond?!

You must allow me to tell you how ardently I dislike you.

Brodie's used to being the town disappointment, so when Vivian turns her nose up at him, he's not surprised. Hot librarian or not, she's way too uptight. But once the festival gets underway, they see new sides of each other. When he finds out her dark secret, suddenly she’s much more endearing. She’s vulnerable, but strong. And the way she looks in that gown only blurs the lines between playing the part and falling for her for real.

But when her goal is within reach, can Vivian go off-book and choose Brodie, if it means risking everything she thought she wanted?


CONTENT WARNING: Emotionally abusive parental relationship on page; brief discussion of past car accident; brief mention of stalking of a secondary character; Light Monster Play / Kink



This book got a grip on me from the first chapter, it’s so fresh and cute and then BOOM!! SPICE!!… I struck gold with this book.


Vivian and Brodie will make you laugh for them, feel for them, and ultimately fall in love with them!


Anything Pride and Prejudice related I’m here for it! This story is not a retelling but a love letter to the amazing story, the characters and the author herself.


Spicy, sweet, and... just simply a breath of fresh air!


I never thought I would be into nipple rings - this book changed that.

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